Absolute Balance OKC Instructors


Before I started Pilates at Absolute Balance I was very limited in activities and exercise because of long time back problems. I had over the years been to several physical therapists and doctors, tried acupuncture, and also had back surgery. It was after I started doing Pilates at Absolute Balance that my pain reduced to almost nothing and I became much more flexible and can now do exercises I had missed out on for almost 30 years. I have recommended Absolute Balance to friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. My life is definitely changed for the better.
Carol Blackwood


I am a devotee of the Pilates Method at Absolute Balance for two reasons: to keep my fickle lumbar discs from sliding around and paralyzing my left foot and, more generally, to avoid suffering the slings and arrows of aging. I am happy to report good news on both fronts: regular doses of Pilates have strengthened my core and relieved all back pain (and foot paralysis), and have increased my flexibility (attention golfers!). If only it could help with the gray hair…Come join us at the Men’s Group and see for yourself.
Stephen M. Prescott, M.D.
President, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Welcoming Refuge In A Busy World

I have been doing Pilates once a week for four to five years. It took awhile to “wake up” my core muscles. I now cannot imagine not continuing the practice.  Pilates has helped my posture, my strength and my tennis game. I think my back is more flexible now. I see how important deep breathing is. It is never boring. There are endless variations on the exercises. I would find that I was just “getting it” and then a whole new layer of difficulty would be added.Lori and Dia are the tops. Absolute Pilates is a welcoming, encouraging refuge in a busy busy world. Make the investment of time and do Pilates.
Barb Barrett

Stronger, More Flexible, and Better Posture

Although I was fit aerobically, I experienced worsening neck and back pain and grew stiffer with each passing year. These symptoms reversed within weeks after starting Pilates at Absolute Balance. In the past three years I have become progressively stronger and more flexible, and my posture has improved markedly. The staff is terrific (I have worked with each of them). The discipline of Pilates is fascinating - and fun!
Rod McEver, M.D.

Changed My Life

After multiple surgeries and years of therapy, Absolute Balance Pilates rehabbed my back. Today, I am thrilled to be able to live an active, full life. I am dedicated to my workouts and will be for years to come. I can’t imagine living without Pilates. 
Debbie Trachtenberg

Quicker and Easier Recovery and Physical Rehab After Accident

 I wouldn’t say Absolute Balance necessarily saved my life, but it sure saved my quality of life after a debilitating freak accident last year. Because of Absolute Balance, I didn’t have to learn how to find and strengthen my core to use it (the way I saw several patients at the rehab hospital had to); I already knew. As a result, I could start intense rehab about 2 weeks after the accident. Instead of taking the 10 to 12 weeks I was told it would take to be able to start walking, I was walking in less than 8; all from knowing how to listen to and use my whole body – not just my back. After that, sessions at Absolute Balance became a part of my outpatient rehab. Having instructors who are also certified physical therapists available made that all possible. And they KEEP me flexible and able to move normally still.