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Welcome to Absolute Balance Pilates of Oklahoma City. We are the first fully- equipt Pilates studio to open in the State of Oklahoma in 2000. At Absolute Balance our approach is grounded in the classical Pilates technique with a strong anatomical foundation. We start with the fundamental building blocks to strengthen and lengthen what is necessary to be successful in the work. We emphasize the individual needs of each client which yields a myriad of results for students of all fitness levels. Our staff has been trained to identify muscular and postural imbalances and use the Pilates Method to rebalance the body.

All of the staff at Absolute Balance are nationally certified through the Pilates Method Alliance. Since the Pilates industry is unregulated, anyone can teach Pilates. There are many 12-hour weekend certifications currently being taught under the name of Pilates. The PMA created a national certification exam that covers anatomy, safety and basic Pilates knowledge to create a standard baseline in the industry. This helps to protect the safety of our clients as well as the professionals who work hard to maintain the integrity of the Pilates Method.

We are fortunate to have a licensed Physical Therapist as well as a certified massage therapist on staff. Pilates movement taught with a therapeutic approach has brought huge successes to our client’s suffering from pain and muscular imbalances. Body work through massage in tandem with the Pilates Method helps to rebalance the whole body.

Our team of instructors offer one-on-one and group instruction to work with you toward your personal fitness goals. Joseph Pilates developed this method some 80 years ago for men and women of all ages. Whether you are a runner, golfer, cyclist or just wanting to move more freely without pain, Pilates can change your life both inside and out.


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