At Absolute Balance we offer Small Group format instead of classes. We believe this  provides more accountability for both the client and the teacher and allows us to tailor the session to the needs of the group. Small Groups will be considered in the Private category. Therefore, communication will take place directly between the client and the teacher regarding joining a specific group, canceling a session or any other changes.

Cancellations must be received within 24 hours prior to the class or the client will be charged.

1. How many people make up a Small Group?
Each group MUST have anywhere from 3-6 people
2. How much is a Small Group?
All small groups will cost $25.00/person
3. How do I become part of a Small Group?
Reach out directly to the teacher listed
4. What will we be doing in Small Group?
The clients will work on a variety of exercises and equipment
that is appropriate for the group.

Studio phone: 405-848-5935
Dia Best’s cell: 405-850-8325
LuAnn Forbes' cell: 405-826-2089
Jennifer Kerr’s cell: 405-919-7668
Lori Payne’s cell: 405-203-3865

Schedule of Small Groups being offered beginning January 2nd:
(This is adaptable to the needs of our clients)

Monday :
10:00am - Lori - Fundamental
1:00pm - Jen - Beg/Int
5:30pm - Dia - Beg/Int

1:00pm - Lori - Int/Adv
4:00pm - LuAnn - Int *For Men Only
6:00pm - LuAnn - Beg/Int

9:00am - Lori - Int
10:00am - Jen - Fundamental
11:00am - Dia - Int/Adv
5:30pm - Dia - Beg/Int

7:00am - LuAnn - Beg/Int
9:30am Jen - Beg/Int

9:00am - Dia - Fund/Beg

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