Lori Payne - PT, NCPT

Studio owner Lori Payne earned her Pilates teaching certification through Colleen Glenn in Dallas, Texas in 2002. She then obtained her national certification through the National Pilates Certification Program in 2006. Lori has continued her quest for a deeper understanding of the Pilates method by completing the three year Masters Teaching certification in 2010 and her Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder in 2013.

Lori earned a B.S. degree in Human Development from Vanderbilt University and a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to her Pilates training, she worked as a licensed clinician in an outpatient setting specializing in soft tissue and joint mobilization, particularly of the spine.

Lori has always believed that nutrition plays a vital role in the healing process and overall health.  In an effort to provide this additional layer of wellness to her clients, she brought the 2030 FastTrack program to the studio and became a certified wellness coach. What Lori loves the most about Pilates is the intrinsic strength that comes from this deep mind, body method of movement.


LuAnn Forbes - NCPT

LuAnn received her comprehensive Pilates teaching certificate through the PhysicalMind Institute in 2008. LuAnn is nationally certified through the National Pilates Certification Program. She completed her Masters Teaching program in 2012 and the Advanced Teacher Training Program in 2013 at the Pilates Center of Boulder.

LuAnn is a nationally certified Massage Therapist. She studied under Gephart Parzer in Oklahoma City. She has attended many Myoskeletal workshops from Erik Dalton. LuAnn is also certified with Rock Tape Kinesiology Tape and Instrument Assisted Manual Therapy. She completed level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy, NKT, and is continuing on to level 2.


Dia Best - NCPT

Dia Best was born and raised in Oklahoma City and graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma earning a B.S. and M.A. in Psychology.

Dia’s transition into Pilates was a natural one since she has a lifelong commitment to being active and played many sports growing up. When a friend introduced her to Pilates in 2008 she began taking lessons. Very quickly Dia began to realize how life changing this mindful movement was for her and began dreaming of teaching it to others.

After a 12 year career as a school psychologist, Dia followed her passion and enrolled in the advanced teacher training program at The Pilates Center of Boulder. All of her apprentice hours were accomplished at Absolute Balance and Dia completed her 950-hour Pilates certification in 2011.

Dia is skilled as a comprehensive instructor on all Pilates equipment and earned a national certification through the National Pilates Certification Program in 2012. She has received her Master’s certification from The Pilates Center and is a teacher trainer for The Pilates Center of Boulder’s teacher training at Absolute Balance.


Jennifer Kerr - MPT, NCPT

Studio owner Jennifer Kerr earned her B.S. degree in Health and Sports Science from the University of Oklahoma in 2002. Jennifer earned her personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine and worked as a personal trainer while she attended Physical Therapy School. She graduated with her Masters in Physcial Therapy from the University of Oklahoma in 2006. Jennifer completed an Orthopedic Manual Therapy fellowship program in the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept in 2010 which allowed her to master post graduate manual therapy skills including join and soft tissue mobilization.

Prior to changing her major to Health and Sports Sciences, Jennifer was a ballet major for two years. Jennifer began taking Pilates reformer classes to prevent and treat dance-related injuries. She quickly developed an appreciation for the importance of Pilates rehabilitation. Jennifer completed the Teacher Training Program through the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. and is nationally certified through the National Pilates Certification Program. She believes that the combination of traditional Physical Therapy and Pilates can provide a unique and powerful level of strength and balance in her clients.

Jennifer has always believed that nutrition plays a vital role in the healing process and overall health. In an effort to provide this additional layer of wellness to her clients, she and Lori Payne brough the 2030 FastTrack program to their studio and she became a certified wellness coach. Jennifer is currently completing a two year Functional Nutrition program through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy. She will receive her INFACP in 2022.


Merideth Miller Ferris

Merideth Miller Ferris is currently completing her Pilates certification through The Pilates Center (Boulder) Teacher Training Program and is a member of the National Pilates Certification Program. She has practiced Pilates for over 15 years and found the time was right for her to deepen her understanding of the Method.

Merideth came to Pilates after years of playing tennis as a way to find more muscle elongation, core strength and spinal health. She appreciates the combination of strength and flexibility that Pilates offers its practitioners. Merideth has a B.B.A. and an M.Ed., both from the University of Oklahoma, and plans to complete her training in the summer of 2021. Merideth loves working with her clients to achieve their personal movement goals.

Linda Roberts Pilates Instructor

Linda Sanabria Roberts - PT, CSCS, NCPT

Linda has practiced Physical Therapy for over 25 years. She applies Physical Therapy, Manual and Muscle Energy Techniques, Dry Needling, and Corrective Exercise which includes Functional Movement Screening, Pilates, and Yoga to find a BALANCE within the human body for restoration of movement, performance, sport and function in her clients lives. She also has a strong interest in “Return to Golf” programs, Pilates for Spinal Rehabilitation and Pilates for Athletes. Linda strives to treat the whole person with a wellness approach.


Leigh Reece - NCPT

Born and raised in Oklahoma, educated at New York University in Art History, Leigh’s teaching path began after a career in meeting and event planning. An avid aerobics and step student, Leigh began teaching group fitness for fun in 2003. After years of teaching a strenuous high impact schedule, Leigh developed chronic back pain that threatened her ability to maintain her own fitness and do what she enjoyed most. Nothing she tried was helpful until she found Pilates. Her consistent Pilates practice changed her spine, shape and perception of exercise. Teaching and everyday life became pain-free. However, her traditional exercise mindset was challenged by the idea of restorative, integrated and intelligent movement.

Her interest in working with people more effectively led her to The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO. The Pilates Center’s 950 hour curriculum is one of the most respected, comprehensive and rigorous training programs in the world.

In 2018, Leigh completed the Master Teacher program through The Pilates Center. She is also a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center. Leigh is currently completing the post-graduate program at The Pilates Center, focusing on young athletes and performance. Her "PRE-Formance" Pilates program is being used by coaches and teams to help athletes perform in optimal health, integrity and efficiency.

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