Physical Therapy

We believe that Pilates is the best exercise that you can do for your spine and its not because we own a Pilates studio. 

Pilates provides essential foundational exercises for healthy spinal mobility and core strength.  Lori Payne and Jennifer Kerr specialize in bridging the gap between traditional physical therapy and classical Pilates by finding the source of the dysfunction rather than simply looking at the symptoms of the injured part. 

Pilates is a whole body exercise that focuses on alignment, strength and stability-making it an ideal therapeutic exercise for recovery and rehabilitation or injuries and surgery.  By learning how to stabilize hypermobile joints, elongate overtightened muscles and strengthen weaknesses, our clients are empowered with strong, balanced bodies allowing us to progress them in their Pilates practice. In addition to using the Pilates Method as therapeutic exercise, our Physical Therapist incorporate dry needling, soft tissue and joint mobilization, and other manual therapy techniques to provide a comprehensive therapeutic experience individualized to the client’s needs.